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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Riviera Shops And SOVO Residential Units In Pulau Melaka 马六甲皇京港

Background : Melaka has been awarded as World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2008 together with Penang, and now Melaka has become the international travel focus again. Straits of Melaka was  prosperous in the history, in order to reclaim her glory and in conjunction with the China "The Belt and Road @ 一带一路” partnership, Malaysia jointly with China to develop a 609 acre project and expecting to see 900,000 visitors in the first year of operation in 2018. This project will be creating 15,000 jobs.

The Riviera is a 5 acre waterfront mix project including retail shops on ground floor and SOVO suites on 2nd and 3rd floors, in a 4 storey French architectural designed building in the man made island known as Pulau Melaka, just not far away from the 30 meter bridge to the main land. Shop lots total 100 units. SOVO suites total 178 units only.

Shops size from 1832sf
Price from RM1,208,857

SOVO suits from 489.5sf
Price from RM347,747

背景 : 自从2008马六甲市连同槟城乔治市共同荣被列入世界文化遗产名录后,马六甲如今再次成为国际旅游焦点。马六甲海峡在历史上曾经是世界闻名的商港,为了重新打造商港地位,以及配合中国提出的一带一路合作模式,马来西亚联合中国打造马六甲 609英亩填海地段包括一座自然岛和两座人造岛。这个宏大的发展计划估计将在2018年开发的第一年带来900,000的旅客,以及创造大约15,000的就业机会。

The Riviera是一个5英亩的商业混合住宅发展计划,建立在著名的马六甲皇京港人造岛上。底层为商铺,住宅集中在第二和第三楼,就处于离一座30米阔连接大陆的桥。四层楼高的The Riviera拥有迷人的法国似设计。商铺有100个单位。住宅只有178个单位。